Who, What, Where, & When:

If you are new to XR Atlanta, welcome! Established in 2014, XR Atlanta is a group of experts and enthusiasts that has hosted over 60 live and virtual events focusing on eXtended Reality (XR), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), & 360 Video. Past XR Atlanta events include developer expos, workshops, networking, panels, guest speakers, and art showcases. 

This year for our annual showcase we are doing something new by extending the event so that it lasts 3 days. We are planning to launch the showcase with an IRL event with local experts on September 23rd that will conclude with the launch of the virtual showcase in AltspaceVR that will last until September 26th.

The setup for the virtual showcase will be similar to last year’s, showcasing art on screens in multiple worlds in addition to a few other interactive surprises and mystery quests. We would love you to consider participating in our event!

Timeline to go live:

  • We are asking invitees to confirm their participation in the event by Friday, August 6th.
  • We require all submissions sent by Sunday, September 5th (they’ll be video submissions, see below).
  • We’ll hold a tech rehearsal to make sure we are all well prepared for the event on Thursday, September 16th (attendance is not required).
  • We’ll go live with the virtual showcase on Thursday, September 23rd, which will be officially open to the public until Sunday, September 26th. 

Submission requirements

All submissions will consist of video submissions along with the artist information (see below). Videos can be submitted with or without audio (music) and will display on a loop in our virtual environment. All video submissions should be sent via Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive as you prefer. Just let us know if you need assistance via another platform. We’ll upload these to a server that then will link to AltspaceVR media consoles as per their new requirements. Your videos will be offlined once the showcase is over. 

Artist Station & Information Required

Each artist station will display a sign with all the following information that we’ll need from you:

  1.     Picture representative of the video & its title
  2.     Name or pseudonym of the artist
  3.     Preferred pronouns
  4.     Location you are based out of (real and/or virtual)
  5.     Website link, Icosa Gallery link, Sketchfab link, etc
  6.     Links/Handles to social channels of choice
  7.     If you have NFTs you are promoting, link to gallery/site where to find them

On behalf of all of us here at XRAtlanta thank you so much for your consideration. Remember to please confirm your participation by August 6th at the latest by emailing our event producer April Arrglington at april@archimeral.com.